Stella Rezgo was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. While she was still a little girl her family relocated to Moscow, Russia where she was raised. Stella discovered her passion for music at a young age and wasted no time writing and performing her own songs.

In her early 20’s Stella was an established lead singer. Never forgetting her Assyrian roots, Stella toured Europe performing her Assyrian hits with a band of talented musicians and an Assyrian dance ensemble Shamiran. Recognized for her naturally versatile voice and inspired by the tour’s success, Stella eagerly continued to work on her first album. During this time she was also working as a co-host with the great and talented mentor, Marona Arsanis on popular Assyrian station called “Qalah Atouraya” (Assyrian Voice).

Stella immigrated to Canada in 1996 where she currently resides with her family. For a while Stella had to put her music on hold while taking care of her family. However, her music became known in Canada and USA throughout the Assyrian community as she started to get more involved into cultural life of a small but strong nation that she belongs to. A business professional by day, she spends her free time working closely with local Assyrian and Russian Communities. She is also a member of the Canadian all female group called “Voysis”.

You can see Stella performing at various cultural events and festivals. She is known for being a versatile multi-lingual singer; she enjoys writing and performing songs in the Assyrian, English and Russian languages.

Stella has been blessed and grateful for the opportunity to work with professional musicians over the past years. She has grown tremendously as an artist and learned to face challenges whether musically or in other aspects of life. Her unique ability to sing from the heart resonates with the listeners and finds its way into their heart.